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Best general house cleaning services in San Diego CA general cleaning services

General House Cleaning in San Diego, CA


General Cleaning

Our general cleaning service is a standard cleaning service to
keep your home feeling clean and fresh all year round. It is only available
to customers who have booked a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly clean basis.
We specialize in providing top-notch general house cleaning in San Diego, CA.

  • Kitchen
    Exterior/Fronts cabinets cleaned Cabinets and shelves dusted and wiped down Kitchen backsplash wiped down and degreased Sinks and stovetops cleaned All surfaces dusted Light switches & door handles wiped and degreased Floor vacuumed and mopped Garbage emptied and changed Inside and outside microwave Inside stove and fridge (empty)
  • Bathrooms
    Sinks cleaned and sanitized Toilets cleaned and sanitized Bathtub and showers all cleaned and sanitized Baseboards dusted and wiped down All surfaces dusted and wiped down All mirrors cleaned Light switches & door handles wiped and degreased Garbage emptied and changed Floor vacuumed and moped
  • Bedrooms + Living Spaces
    All surfaces vacuumed & area rugs All surfaces mopped and cleaned All mirrors cleaned Light switches and door knobs wiped and degreased Baseboards cleaned Entire surface dusting Windowsills and window tracks cleaned Garbage emptied and changed

Why Choose Our General House Cleaning in San Diego, CA?

  • Professional Expertise: Our team consists of experienced professionals, who are well-trained in the art of general house cleaning. They have the knowledge and skills to ensure that your home is cleaned thoroughly and efficiently.

  • Customized Cleaning: We understand that every home is unique, and that cleaning requirements can vary. We tailor our services to your specific needs, whether you require a basic clean or specialized cleaning for specific areas.

  • Consistent Freshness: With our recurring cleaning services, you can enjoy a clean and fresh home year-round. We take the stress out of maintaining cleanliness, allowing you to relax in a hygienic and inviting environment.

Advantages of Choosing Our General House Cleaning Services

  • Time-Saving: Our professional cleaning team can clean your home efficiently, saving you valuable time and energy that you can use for other activities. When you choose our general cleaning services, you are making a smart choice for efficient and effective cleaning.

  • Trusted Provider: We have a strong reputation as a trustworthy and reliable provider of general house cleaning services in San Diego, CA, that is commitment to customer satisfaction. Our dedication to excellence extends to all aspects of our general cleaning services.

  • Reduced Stress: You can relax and enjoy your free time knowing that your home will be professionally cleaned and the stress of cleaning chores will be taken away.

When you choose our general house cleaning services, you will benefit from our team’s expertise and enjoy an always fresh and inviting home in San Diego, CA.

Signs That You Need Professional General House Cleaning

  • Limited Time: If your busy schedule leaves you with limited time for house cleaning, our services can save you valuable hours each week.

  • Inconsistent Cleanliness: If you struggle to maintain consistent cleanliness due to time constraints or other commitments, our team ensures that your home stays consistently clean.

  • Special Occasions: When you are preparing for special occasions or guests, our specialized cleaning can make your home shine and impress.

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