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Best home deep cleaning services in San Diego CA

Deep Cleaning Services in San Diego, CA


Deep Cleaning - First Cleaning

The Deep Cleaning Package is our most thorough cleaning service.
The main difference between the Deep Cleaning and our other
packages is the amount of time and detail we spend cleaning what we
refer to as vertical surfaces. This includes baseboards,
exterior of cabinets, light fixtures and doors.

  • Kitchen
    Exterior/Fronts cabinets cleaned Cabinets and shelves dusted and wiped down Kitchen backsplash wiped down and degreased Sinks and stovetops cleaned All surfaces dusted Light switches & door handles wiped and degreased Floor vacuumed and mopped Garbage emptied and changed Inside and outside microwave Inside stove and fridge (empty)
  • Bathrooms
    Sinks cleaned and sanitized Toilets cleaned and sanitized Bathtub and showers all cleaned and sanitized Baseboards dusted and wiped down All surfaces dusted and wiped down All mirrors cleaned Light switches & door handles wiped and degreased Garbage emptied and changed Floor vacuumed and moped
  • Bedrooms + Living Spaces
    All surfaces vacuumed & area rugs All surfaces mopped and cleaned All mirrors cleaned Light switches and door knobs wiped and degreased Baseboards cleaned Entire surface dusting Windowsills and window tracks cleaned Garbage emptied and changed
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